5 Easy Steps to Write a Book Review

5 Easy Steps to Write a Book Review

Some students think that writing a book review is the most dreadful kind of writing. After all, they have to criticize someone else’s work, and being a critic is a skill, which few students can master quickly. And it seems even more horrible to have to analyze a book, discuss its style and content. But actually, you should not be so scared of all these things. You can easily prepare a book review using the tips given below.

  • Read the book, on which you have to write a review, during your term. It is as simple as that. Set your priorities from the very beginning. If you want your book review to look perfect, you might even have to turn down a party invitation in order to read a book. But it’s not as bad as it seems – there are going to be more parties in the future. Devote some time to reading every day. It can be as little as 10 minutes in case the book is not too big. Just sit down and count how much time you need to finish it, set a schedule, and follow it.
  • Take down your notes while reading. It can seem to be exhausting, but you should know that you are doing this to write a great review. Put down your impressions about the heroes and the plot. This way, you will avoid forgetting them by the time you have to write a review.
  • Do not forget to write about the book’s author and its genre. Each and every book is the reflection of its author. So you might want to see what life experience of the author inspired him/her to write it. Identifying a genre can be hard, but you may argue about this point and even name two or three genres that you think the book can refer to.
  • It is good to have 2 or 3 themes (at least). If you can come up with 2 or 3 main topics of the book, this is fine. You can elaborate them in your review and relate all minor topics to them. But if you have time to find some more topics to work on and can properly mix them all into a beautiful review, go ahead. There is no limit here.
  • Understand the author’s view on the book. See what the author wanted to tell to the world through his/her book. Read between the lines. If you get that this piece of writing has something to do with religion, politics, history, or anything else, analyze the book from this point. But do not forget to find additional information to prove your point of view. It can be other reviews or other works of the author that have similar topics.

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