Business Email Writing: 7 Important Rules

Business Email Writing: 7 Important Rules

Business email writing is an essential skill for those who study Business Communication. If you want to make a good impression on your business partner, it is significant to learn how to write effective business emails. Moreover, it is important to understand that a business email is different from informal email writing and involves more formal language and logical writing structure. Learn how to compose effective business emails using this guide.

Subject Line

When writing a business email, always include a subject line that briefly informs the receiver about the content of the email.

Example: Regarding Your Application for Education Services

Simplified Language

Do not overwhelm your email with sophisticated language and special terms. Use language that is easy to understand; however, write in complex sentences. Avoid confusing sentences when you write an email to your foreign business partners. A golden rule is to keep your writing simple and short.

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Think about Your Reader

Depending on whom you intend to send an email, choose the best writing tone that could be informal, neutral or formal. Mostly, business emails use neutral tone. On the other hand, when you send an email to your colleague whom you know well, you may use informal tone. For instance, conversational phrases and everyday words are perfect for this type of email writing. However, remember that grammar and spelling mistakes are unacceptable in business writing no matter which tone you use.

Pay Attention to Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling, and the Use of Capital Letters

This is an important rule, because it constitutes the image of you as a professional and of the company that you represent. Before you hit the “Send” button, make sure to reread the content of the email and polish your writing by eliminating possible mistakes.

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Determine how Direct or Indirect You Want to Sound

Although in many cultures it is acceptable to be direct when communicating via email, we advise you to use indirect and more polite language, especially when communicating with a foreigner. This will ensure understanding between parties and make your reader more responsive.

Stay Positive

Depending on the words you use, you create an impression of your personal attitude to life. Stay positive when writing business emails and replies to them. Beware: if you use words and phrases with negative connotation such as it is hard, it is impossible, crisis, forget it, busy, you risk making a negative impression on your reader.

Ask for a Feedback

In order to have better understanding on the possible areas of improvement of your business writing skills, ask your professor for a feedback.

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Studying effective business communication seems hard; however, if you follow all instructions provided in this article, you will be more likely to impress your business partners with skillful business email writing. Testimonials

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