Colour Analysis: Finding Your Type

Colour Analysis: Finding Your Type

The four-season typology has always helped women find suitable colours for their outfits. Ever since the classic “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson was issued in the 80s, instead of blind following trends, women learnt to choose what suits them. However, you should not use this guide as a strict set of rules. If you rely on it 100%, you risk to suppress your own creativity and individuality. In this article, we suggest the ways of tailoring your wardrobe according to your own colour palette in a more untraditional manner.

Learn Your Own Palette

The four colour types from the Color Me Beautifultheory are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. To determine your type, you need to assess your complexion, the undertones of your hair and eyes, and analyze how light or deep your overall colouring is. If it is hard for you to identify your season, you might be a neutral type. I do not agree with Carole Jackson on her assumption that each of us fits one, and only one, colour season. The closer you are to the neutral colours in any of the variables, the more likely you are to look good in a neighbouring palette. To narrow down your seasonal palette, you should know the most defining quality of your colouring: light, deep, clear, soft, warm, or cool.

  • Light: Your hair is blond or light brown. Your skin is light and your eyes are light blue, green, or grey. You will look great in soft, light, and muted shades, such as peach (Spring) or pale lavender (Summer).
  • Deep:You have dark brown or black hair. Your eyes are brown, green, or hazel. You will look wonderful in deep, vivid shades, such as deep terracotta (Autumn) or black (Winter).
  • Warm: Your overall colouring has a warm undertone. Your hair is golden blond to brown, or deep auburn to strawberry blond. Your eyes are green or light to medium brown. Mid-range colours will suit you. They should not be too intense or pale. Try tomato red (Autumn) or soft aquamarine (Spring).
  • Cool:Your overall colouring has an underlying cool quality, regardless of whether your skin and hair are light or dark. The mid-shades are best for you: green (Winter) or periwinkle (Summer).
  • Clear:Your overall colouring is saturated. Your hair is either medium brown to black, or bright blond. Your eyes are bright blue, green, or amber. Saturated colours, such as bright pink (Spring) or hot pink (Winter) are best for you.
  • Soft:You have little contrast between your skin, hair, and eyes. Your hair is not very light or very dark. Your overall colouring is close to neutral. Soft, muted shades, such as olive green (Autumn) or blue teal (Summer) will suit you.

Are you confused with finding out your type? With the help of these qualities, you can do it more precisely. Determine your own colour palette; choose the shades that suit you best and you will always look stunning! Testimonials

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