Essay Example on Feminism

Essay Example on Feminism

Feminism is a concept that has gone through so many transformations that it is difficult to give it one clear definition. From a groundbreaking idea to a common belief to a mild offense, feminism has become so complex that it exists in many shapes and forms. The most widespread and classic definition is the striving for social equality between men and women. However, it is essential to look into different subcategories of feminism that represent different views of those, who support it. In this essay, we will focus on three main types of feminism – socialist feminism, liberal feminism, and radical feminism.

Socialist feminism has its roots in socialism itself and the ideas of Karl Marx. People, who follow this idea, are convinced that traditionally, exclusively men have controlled the world dominance and economy. However, this control and actions taken by men were not sufficient. The difference between socialist feminists and others is that the first do not support the common feminist idea that oppression of women has to be blamed on men. Instead, they believe that the social inequality was the reason for it. Since women earned less, they ended up being dependent on men and hence did not have a strong enough stance in the society. That is why the main point of view of socialist feminists is an equal labor distribution for everyone in the nation.

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Liberal feminist support the general liberal ideas that focus on complete freedom of self-expression and self-development. They believe that women should have unlimited opportunities to follow their passions, develop their skills, and discover their personalities in a way that might not correspond with the “traditional image of a woman” many cultures and religions have. Liberal feminists do not diminish the role of a woman in bringing up children but they also advocate the option of paternity leave explaining it by saying that both parents should have a chance to be equally involved with children. Thus, liberal feminists support the idea that women should have a freedom of action without any social restraints.

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Radical feminism is the branch of feminism that is the most speculated about. They challenge the social divisions altogether and think that they are the main reason for female oppression. Gender roles and gender division itself is something radical feminists want to eliminate and build a genderless society. From their point of view, the problem of inequality cannot be resolved through getting rid of male privilege, the only solution radical feminism sees is destroying the notion of sex differentiation in its root. Radical feminism nowadays receives the most criticism since many people believe that it has shaped into a discrimination of men instead of equality between both genders.

Nowadays, feminism is still developing and creating new forms. There are many different points of view on this concept and each of them has a right to exist. After all, our modern society gives enough opportunities to follow whatever ideology appeals to you.  

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