Tips on Writing Applications: CV & Resume

Tips on Writing Applications: CV & Resume

Writing applications is always a challenging task. Candidates have many concerns as to whether they have provided all the required and necessary information and whether they did everything in the right way. Actually, these concerns are not pointless: if some important information is missing, the application will be likely dismissed. An interesting thing is, if applicants send the same resume or CV to many employers, they will not succeed, as they do not adjust their CVs to specific vacancies. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some secrets on how to succeed in the application process.

The Main Difference between a Resume and Submitting a CV

Despite the fact that such notions as “resume” and “CV” (shortened from curriculum vitae) are usually used interchangeably, they are not the same and are referred to different kinds of documents. Therefore, do not hope that your potential employer won’t know the difference either. If your career will involve a lot of business trips and travelling on the whole, you should definitely know the difference.

  • The term “curriculum vitae” means “the course of life” from Latin. CVs are more widespread in the academic context and are used for highlighting graduates’ list of published academic papers. In such way, these CVs are indicators of students’ academic achievements (apart from their grades).
  • If you are a US or Canadian student and plan to study in some of the European educational establishments, you will be definitely required to provide your CV (do not confuse it with a resume).
  • The main distinguishing feature between these two application papers is that, as a rule, a CV is longer.
  • Further, a CV is more static in its nature as it does not have to be adjusted to some specific work position to ensure that the application process is successful.
  • A CV is referred to a detailed overview of one’s academic accomplishments, especially those that are most relevant in the academic context.
  • A resume, on the contrary, should be adjusted to any different position you apply for. For example, some of your achievements/ skills/ experience may be more suitable for one position rather than others.

What Kind of a Document to Submit?

At first, it might be really confusing to differentiate a resume from a CV (especially it concerns those who are not experienced in the job searching process). Therefore, it is natural that at times you might be worried whether you submit the right type of document. However, almost any vacancy has a detailed description of documents you need to submit or information you need to fill in. Thus, the very first step towards your success is to carefully study the requirements for a job opening.

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