Moral Values in Daily Life

Moral Values in Daily Life

What distinguishes people from animals? Physical appearance? Definitely. However, what is more important is that that human behavior is not regulated only by the natural instincts. It means that all humans have a wonderful opportunity to think critically, evaluate and experience various emotions.

When the child is born, his/her parents teach him/her what is good and what is bad and how to distinguish one from another. Naturally, it is necessary to be good, since it is the feature, which helps people to survive in the surrounding world. A good attitude to the other people as well as the ability to assist others whenever it is needed is necessary for the development of not only a certain individual but also society as a whole. Therefore, the importance of following the moral values should be explained to the child since the cradle.

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One can argue that some of these aspects can be observed in higher animals. For example, some animals in the dangerous situations join the herd to protect the weakest members. Does it imply that such animals do have any moral values? Of course, not. The key difference between animals and humans is that the latter are aware of their deeds, as well as all possible consequences. Therefore, they purposely sacrifice their comfort, time, and even lives for the sake of the others.

If a person feels that he/she is happy, healthy, and wealthy enough to help other people, there should be no excuses. It is our moral duty to help weaker people whenever there is a need. It does not imply that a human being should give all his/her time or money; sometimes, our close people just need an honest conversation, smart advice, or little support. Following the ethical laws is what helps us to communicate with different people and learn more about the surrounding world. Of course, not all people are good and honest, but one should realize that he/she is responsible only for his/her own thoughts and actions. Thus, by helping other people, we improve ourselves, making a significant step to our spiritual progress.

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At the same time, doing good things should be a confident desire. It means that nobody should make us do good things. If a person feels that following some moral value contradicts his/her beliefs about his/her moral freedom, he/she should reconsider it. Every man defines his/her priorities. First and foremost, a person should take care of him/herself as it is the main requirement for his/her love towards the surrounding people. Some of the moral values are defined by the law, but the social laws do not regulate the human behavior.

All in all, the human life consists of millions of choices, and it is vitally important to make the correct ones to avoid regretting the lost chances. Certainly, living according to the moral principles is rather challenging. However, for a person who has pure thoughts, is kind-hearted, as well as who tries to live according to the set moral principles, assisting other people is a valuable experience and not a daunting task. Testimonials

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