Should the Internet Be Censored?

Should the Internet Be Censored?

One of the most disputable questions of the modern times is the issue of censoring the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, there have been attempts to take the necessary measures with regard to web information. The process of filtering the data on the Internet evokes heated debates all around the globe. Considering the fact that the World Wide Web has never been under censorship, this issue creates discussions and disputes. It is widely accepted that the Internet is the richest and the most unique database that has even been created. However, it might be the worst informational waste pipe at the same time as well. So, should the Internet be actually censored or not?


Applying censorship in the sphere of online technologies is an attempt to control uncontrollable, isn’t it? However, the Chinese have done their best to create the “Golden Shield” act. It appeared in order to censor several web pages. According to this act, a number of web pages were filtered by keywords related to the national security of the country. Consequently, a large quantity of popular sites was blacklisted. Believe it or not, Wikipedia also had to stop its existence on the territory of China despite the provoked scandals.

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Uncontrolled Internet

It is not a secret that the governments of some countries were also interested in censoring the Internet since it is considered as an uncontrolled information space. Due to the Internet, completely secret, unwanted or dangerous information could be uploaded, revealed, or distributed, which is definitely won’t do any good for the government. Besides, with the help of the Internet, terrorists activate the bomb charges and criminals make illegal transactions. Thus, at first sight, censoring the Internet seems to be a reasonable way of preventing or even solving many political issues, terroristic attacks, serious and petty crimes, informational and conventional wars, etc. However, does it really the only way out?

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The first company that reacted to the claims against the world web was Google being the leader in a sphere of online communication and modern technologies. Undoubtedly, it is against the censorship. The company admits that the meetings concerning the web censorship should be held so that all pros and cons are taken into consideration. The censorship issue is going to be discussed in Dubai this year.


Needless to say, malicious resources put in jeopardy their users, especially pornography websites for underaged users. However, it doesn’t mean that the future of the world web should be compromised. It is absolutely indispensable to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet before the implementation of its censorship. Did you know that the online data is already censored in more than 40 countries around the world? The governments are trying to control their citizens by hiding what is happing in the world. Imagine waking up one day and getting to know that the list of your most frequently used websites is restricted or forbidden. I suppose it is a clear violation of one’s rights, isn’t it? Testimonials

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