12 Tips for Better Business Writing

12 Tips for Better Business Writing

The sphere of business largely depends on the information exchange. Whatever your position is, it is likely that you will need to express your ideas in a written form. Although the most effective way to develop your writing skills is to practice a lot, there are some suggestions that can make this process easier.

1. Be Precise

Due to the rapid pace of the modern life, people are too busy to spend sufficient time on reading. That is why clearly state what the idea of your message is and avoid unnecessary details.

2. Use Simple Language

Complicated terms usually prevent the reader from correctly understanding the point. Substitute them with more comprehensible equivalents.

3. Proofread for Mistakes

Each time you write something, be sure you check it appropriately. Few mistakes, which you make because of inattention, can spoil a good content.

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4. Proofread for Emotional Coloring

Apart from proofreading wording and spelling, check whether the text has the right emotional coloring. Since you mood affects the way you write, the style of writing can reflect the feelings, which you don’t really want to share.

5. Go Through Personal Information Twice

If you are not sure what the correct name or gender is, ask a person who has such information or use a neutral pronoun “they” instead of the gender-marked “he” or “she.”

6. Keep Samples

Make sure that you do not delete samples. It will save your time and reduce the number of mistakes. One thing to keep in mind is that each time you will have to change the actual data, such as name, address or date.

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7. Don’t Go too far with Formality

Using special terms in abundance can decrease the efficiency of communication. However, being polite and not entering your partner’s personal space is essential.

8. Don’t Forget about 5 W’s

Whatever the form of your writing is, it should provide the reader with answers to the following questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

9. Encourage the Reader

Giving information is not enough for reaching the goal of writing. You have to urge your audience to take particular steps.

10. Leave your Reader with no Alternatives

If you want something done, provide people with no more than two alternatives. A better idea is to give them specific instructions with no choice at all.

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11. Stress the Advantages

When describing a particular thing, for example, a product that you want to sell, focus on its advantages rather than characteristics. If people know that something can improve their lives, they are likely to buy it.

12. Simply Employ a Writer

If writing is not one of your strengths, you can always employ a skillful person who will do it for you. Don’t hesitate to try these pieces of advice to see which of them will work for you.

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