7 Mistakes Keeping You Away from a Perfect GPA

7 Mistakes Keeping You Away from a Perfect GPA

A good GPA can mean a difference between getting a scholarship and taking out a huge student loan. It is coveted by many, but not all students manage to get it. So, what exactly prevents people from achieving the perfect 4.0 grade point average? Let’s look into the most common mistakes learners tend to make.

1. Not Studying in Advance

Late night cramming is almost a staple of the college experience, just like ramen and red solo cups. And similarly to the aforementioned things, it is not good for you. Students who make study schedules are much more productive overall, memorize more information, and have a better overall performance. You can study whenever you like, just do it on a regular basis.

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2. Not Using the Right Tools

It used to be that the most “innovative” ways of studying involved note cards and covering your textbooks in highlighter. Today, the Internet provides us with endless possibilities. There are YouTube channels, like “Crash Course,” that easily and accessibly present high school level materials. There are also Khan Academy and Grammarly that can become indispensable to college students and even graduates!

3.Unreasonable Highlighting

Highlighting is a useful way to pinpoint the most important terms and passages. However, some people insist on using their textbooks as coloring books and leave no word uncovered. Highlighting is not a way of expressing your creativity. It is a tool that should be treated seriously and be utilized when necessary.

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4. Ignoring Feedback

It may come as a surprise, but professors leave feedback on students’ works not to torture them, but rather to show how to do better next time. It is very important to review old papers and quizzes before taking on new ones. Many professors don’t even bother to change exam questions, so you’ll probably know all the answers in advance.

5. Forgetting about Lecture Notes

A good friend of mine has a habit of rereading her lecture notes every day. While I can hardly recommend it to the general populace, looking through your notes on a regular basis will help you familiarize yourself with material and be more comfortable with the information presented during lectures.

6. Not Getting a Study Partner

If you are an absolute introvert – please, ignore this tip. It is also inadvisable if you get distracted easily. However, the rest of us can benefit from a friend/rival dynamic while we are studying. You’ll have something to work together with and bounce ideas around.

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7. Being Quiet During Class

Some people are just naturally shy, but try to see the class as a professional environment, not a social one. It is professors’ responsibility to provide you with information, so take advantage of this. If you don’t get something – just ask!

In addition, every student has some individual issue holding them back. Try to analyze your performance, identify your problem and deal with it in an efficient manner. A perfect GPA is certainly worth it.

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