5 Steps to Earning a Living through Blogging

5 Steps to Earning a Living through Blogging

Monetizing your writing is a complicated endeavor. Some people write articles for already existing internet portals, others prefer publishing e-books and finding an audience through social media. One of the oldest and most popular ways is setting up a blog and earning a living through providing people with free content. How does one do this? I hope that these 5 points will help you to find it out!

  • Earn an audience over first. Yes, you can set up ads and push products from day one, but if you don’t have a readership base, what’s the point? Give yourself some time to learn the rules and find out which advice is good for you and which simply does not work. No one can become an absolute success overnight. In blogging, as in everything else, there’s a learning curve. 
  • Go for a clean, comprehensive look for your blog. Even if you have the best writing in the world, no one will be able to read it if it is written in red 9-point Comic Sans. You don’t have to be an accomplished designer. Just do what seems right and go for what you think your audience might appreciate. 
  • When you are more or less confident about your look and content, start promoting yourself. Social media is the key. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your writing. People look for interesting things all the time. Give them what they want! Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of SEO. If you have no idea how to do it, an online course might be in order. 
  • Plugging products pays more than pay-per-click advertising. There are many sites where you can find potential sponsors. Don’t feel like you are “selling out” or anything like that. After all, monetization is your end goal. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to support yourself. Choose the products that seem reliable and will interest your audience. Perhaps you’ll introduce them to a service or goods that they’ve been looking for their whole lives! 
  • Try courses or books created by successful bloggers. Choose the ones who have a high income so that you can be sure they know what they are talking about. Some of such courses even have a money back guarantee; if your audience and proceeds do not grow, you can return your investment.

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