Helpful Hints for Social Work Study

Helpful Hints for Social Work Study

New students mean inexperienced students. They do not know what they should do, when to do, and how to do. Fortunately, as the time passes, they get more practice and start working more efficiently. However, a lot of time must be spent before acquiring a necessary pace of studying, and there are so many regrets about those unreturned possibilities. How can this problem be overcome? It is more than advisable to listen to already successful former social work students who know how to deal with all that small everyday trifles, make the studying more productive, and still enjoy the life to the full.

Time Management

Alison Reeve, Wrexham, social worker: Prioritizing is a key to success. You are not obliged to do everything at once. Define the most important tasks and finish them first. Moreover, you can always consult more experienced people, including your professors – they have also been in the same shoes as you.

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Gillian Alcantara, support worker: The experience showed that having a visualization of your plans greatly benefits your productivity. Buying yourself a big wall planner and making notes about future tasks will help you get rid of the chaos there, during your day.


Jane Evans, parenting specialist: One of the best stress reducer during the studying is to have someone to listen to your thoughts. It is important to have a few friends to spend time with and unload yourself after a long hard working day.

Rebecca Joy Novell, social worker: Having a course friend is of vital importance. Your school friends or relatives will likely not understand your studying problems, while your groupmate definitely will. Devote some time to friendly discussions and maybe even add a pinch of gossips.

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Ask Questions

Helen Bonnick, University of East London, practice educator: Do not be afraid of looking silly with all those stupid questions. It is better to ask one time and make no mistakes, rather than ask no one and repeat that mistake.

Think About Future Placements

Mark Doel, Sheffield Hallam University, social care professor: Surely, you will not have practice placements as soon as you get to the studying, but it is strongly advisable to think in advance. Remember, social work is not only specializing in a certain field. Be flexible and find the places to enjoy.

Money Management

Bill Mumford, MacIntyre, CEO: It would be much easier to exist if you find a part-time job at least in the social care sphere. You will get not only money but such valuable experience as well.

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Mark Hardy, York University, social work director of studies: It is not always easy to keep in touch with all the types of people. Social work requires really solid communication skills. One of the most effective ways of friend-making is developing a sense of humor. Keep smiling and treat people the way you want them to treat you.


Alys Young, University of Manchester, social work professor: The studying may sometimes be unbearable and challenging. The desire to start the career in social work may soon diminish. However, there is no point in losing your heart. Just keep reminding yourself why you began acquiring this marvelous profession. Testimonials

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