Living in a World Full of Changes

Living in a World Full of Changes

Without a doubt, the world we live in has little in common with the world people lived in several decades ago. The civilization is changing, and so does our way of life. But which areas of human life have changed the most?


Without exaggeration, the lifestyle of contemporary twenty-somethings would be considered as appalling if not scandalous at the times when our grandparents were in their twenties. For instance, it was disgraceful for a woman to be unmarried or to have an extramarital child. On the contrary, nowadays people are many times freer in their choices. The traditional attitude doesn’t dictate young people when to get married anymore. It is absolutely fine to devote your youth to developing yourself personally and professionally and to get married after thirty. The statistics says that the average age for people to get married for the first time nowadays is 25 for women and 28 for men. What’s more, many couples opt for not marrying at all and living in civil marriages instead.

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Labor Market

The labor market is extremely challenging these days. Unlike previous generations, contemporary workers are expected to possess a wide range of skills. It not enough to be very good at one particular thing anymore. Since we live in the era of modernization, the changes are being brought in to people’s working environment every year. You have to be able to adjust to them if you don’t want to lose your job. That is why constant learning and retraining is a part and parcel of contemporary workers’ lives.

Also, computer literacy has become an indispensable condition of effective functioning in basically every area of work. Truth be told, computer technologies do increase people’s productivity significantly. That is why IT is one of the most popular area of study among contemporary young people.

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The way people communicate has changed drastically. Of course, we still value face-to-face communication, but the impact of the Internet and various gadgets on our everyday life cannot be denied. Social networks have become the most important means of communication. When you meet a new person and you would like to keep in touch with them, the chances are you don’t ask for their phone number. You ask if they are on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Following each other on social platforms has become an essential part of making friends with other people. As well as liking and commenting on their posts. Social networks have rooted so deeply in our everyday life that it perplexes us when we meet someone who doesn’t use them at all.

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To conclude, the changes that have happened to our lives have both pros and cons. However, we have no other options but to embrace them and adapt to them. Testimonials

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