Writing to Explain: Top Tips to Create the Best Paper

Writing to Explain: Top Tips to Create the Best Paper

Writing to explain may seem like an easy task to fulfill. Unlike other common writing types such as writing to argue, persuade or advice, explaining requires less creative approach and may turn out to be simpler. However, the research that should be done before coming up with the paper itself may be quite a challenging task. You would require the peculiar skills to analyze and gather the most valuable information regardless of what you are trying to explain, either a sophisticated theory or any practical use. Therefore, here are a few useful tips to make you get acquainted better with the particular type of writing to explain.


The main goal of writing to explain type of essay is to make the reader understand the entire picture you are trying to show. That is why it is important to remember to go from one point to another with flawless logical transitions between the paragraphs. Unlike the persuasive essay, where you should provide a complex description of the topic in general, writing to explain focuses on each part separately but with understandable coherence between them. Such way of composing this type of paper not only lets the reader grasp the necessary information without any problems but also shows the teacher how well-aware you are of the specific topic.

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Imagine you are having a serious conversation with your friend, trying to explain some intricacies of the certain topic. What do you do? You are building a logical structure of the answers to the possible questions your partner might ask. That is how your writing to explain essay should also be focused on. Try to develop your narration question after question with appropriate transitions between the parts. In case you get lost with your answers remember the general topic of your paper and try to get another question if your flow of thoughts got a bit perplexed with the structure.


Make sure you begin with the basic idea. The key to success in the writing to explain style is to develop the main topic to give the reader a clear understanding of what you are trying to show. Remember to avoid using complex sentences and focus on the simple ones. Of course, you cannot compose your writing without any multi-clause sentence, but be sure not to use many of them and make them as understandable as possible.

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As soon as you finished writing your paper, do not think you are done. The most important part is still waiting for you. Checking for the absence of grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes is what should be your priority after composing an essay. Moreover, ask yourself a question whether you understand the main point and the explanatory paragraphs of your writing. If possible, ask a friend to proofread the text, as a fresh pair of eyes is always better. You should respect your readers and provide them with a perfect possibility to understand what you have composed for them.

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