Discussing Computer Games: Are They Detrimental?

Discussing Computer Games: Are They Detrimental?

Computer Games Are Addictive

Nowadays many people have been devoting plenty of their time to playing different computer games. They spend a huge amount of money to get that pleasure and waste more and more time and health in order to beat that game. No doubts that some computer games may develop particular skills, for instance, the ability to think strategically or to solve problems. However, playing computer games can also have a negative influence on people’s health and life, especially if gamers are ignoring their everyday responsibilities and their healthcare in general. Excessive use of computer games not only affects negatively mental being of people but also damages their financial condition. This doesn’t imply that playing computer games are bad for people: however, when this habit begins to influence their life in a negative way, it becomes a very serious problem that our society should acknowledge and fix.

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Let’s begin with figuring out how an excessive use of computer games influence one’s physical health. To tell the truth, computer games are rarely played in movement; gamers are mostly sitting at one place, which encourages a sedentary lifestyle. This allows heart problems and obesity to appear, which itself causes a premature death.

Computer Games are Time-Consuming

Besides the detrimental effect on mental and emotional health, another negative side of playing computer games is that it’s an extremely time-consuming process. Even if gamers enjoy playing games, they are most likely lonely and unfulfilled. As a result, there is no connection between the gamers and the real world. This leads to depression and anxiety. The only way out is to bring some healthier activities, such as volunteering, exercising or reading, into their life. Yet, it’s quite hard, as computer gaming is a very enjoyable process, which is preferred more than other activities. This is much of the problem: computer games might bring lots of fun, so much that people forgot about interaction with others and their own healthcare just to finish the game. At this point, it becomes an addiction with lots of negative outcomes.

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Real World and Real Problems within It

Like others addictions, an excessive use of computer games can negatively influence one’s financial well-being. If a gamer spends so enormous amount of time on playing games that he/she forgets or ignores his/her personal responsibilities, as work, for example, he/she might lose his/her job, which could bring a huge money loss. Also, considering that computer games constantly affect people’s physical heath, they should spend more and more money on doctor visits, medications, and so on.

Playing computer games cannot become a very harmful activity. Only when a person becomes addicted in this process, it starts to bring negative consequences into their life. So, what are the solutions? It’s a good idea to implement various financial rewards to people who follow an active lifestyle. Why not penalize or punish those who dedicate all their efforts, time and recourses to playing computer games? This is a serious problem we have to deal with. Unfortunately, it won’t go away by itself. It all depends on us.

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