What Is Style? (A Deeper Analysis)

What Is Style? (A Deeper Analysis)

Most people consider that style is about one’s outer appearance or fashion. However, it is actually the total combination of the way you dress, move, think, talk, etc. In short, it is the way you express yourself. It is the outside reflection of your inside. To help you better understand this notion, let us see what it comprises.

Parts of Your Style

    1. Your Reputation. You should guard it above everything else. If it is tainted, it will be very hard to change people’s view. With good reputation, you can influence any setting. So, make sure your positive traits enter people’s minds.


    1. Clothing/Fashion Sense. What you wear makes up to 80% of the first impression about you. It works before you even open your mouth. Therefore, dress accordingly to convey a positive image of yourself in any setting.


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    1. Your Grooming. Consciously or not, we all judge others through our senses. Your grooming shows how well you care for yourself. Moreover, it gives you a more powerful and confident image.


    1. Body Language. The words we use sometimes have little to do with the message we convey to others. About 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Consequently, watch your gestures, voice tone, and volume.


    1. Your Lifestyle and Values. Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, if you have certain values, behave accordingly. Practice what you preach and people will respect you.


Simple Steps to Create Your Best Style

    1. Collect all your current pictures. You may even film yourself, if you can. Take a look at yourself from an outsider’s perspective. It will increase your self-awareness and contribute to the lasting positive changes in your style.


    1. Ask your friends. See what they would think about you concerning the way you look and behave, if they did not know you. Write all their thoughts down. It will also help you to get a perspective from the outside and change something in your style, if needed.


    1. Analyze your notes. Do they correspond to what you want people to think about you? If not, what do you need to change? To improve your style, surround yourself with people who have the characteristics you want for yourself and model them. You do not have to be next to these people in person. They can be there for you via books, videos, tapes, or other materials.


  1. Get a coach. Your coach will help you see where you are now and create a plan for where you are heading. This person will save you much time and effort in your endeavors.

Style development is very similar to personal development. It determines who you are and how the world perceives you. It helps you become more effective in dealing with people and more capable of building full relationships with the opposite sex, friends, and colleagues. It also determines your self-esteem. Work on improving yourself continuously and you will create your personal style and disclose your potential.

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