How to Write Essay Cover Page

How to Write Essay Cover Page

The cover page is usually needed for academic essays. It is often considered to be the author’s face. The possibility of having even a single insignificant mistake on this page should be close to zero if you want to get a good credit for your work. Though requirements for different types of the essay differ significantly, the common issues you should take into consideration for the cover pages are:

  • author’s and professor’s name
  • the topic of the essay
  • due date of the paper
  • course the project is submitted to
  • name of the educational establishment

When you are writing a cover page, you should always follow the advice your professor gives. Though many students consider all these requirements a formality, most teachers are strict about them. This is why students, who don’t study the requirements for the formats of essay cover pages, have sad face expressions receiving grades. Sometimes specification may be exclusive and peculiar, and you may be asked to use shaded paper or write a quotation on the cover page. But the main differences lie in the selected format of the essay. Two most popular formats which are used to write the essays are MLA and APA. Writing an MLA essay cover page, you should stick to the following tips and adhere to the order of elements:

  • The double-spaced interval is necessary. Letters should be centered horizontally
  • The name of an educational establishment should be put below the top margin
  • Title of the essay should be written in bigger font size compared to other elements and should be place one-third of the page down from the top
  • The author’s name has to be placed below
  • Your course name or number should be placed below the name of the author
  • Then comes the name of the professor and the date of submission

Writing an APA essay cover page, consider the following requirements:

  • Put the title in the top right corner
  • Put the page number next to it
  • Place the essay title one-third of the page down from the top
  • Place the author’s name several lines down the title

Essay Cover Page Template

If you have any doubts about how the cover page of your essay should be formatted, you should spend some time surfing the web for decent cover page templates. These templates do an outstanding job at saving students’ time and effort. Using them, you will only need to enter your data instead of that used in the template. Be sure to submit your paper with a well-formatted cover page, and you will avoid making minor mistakes that may turn out to be significant. Testimonials

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