6 Writing Tips on How to Make Your Papers 300% Better

6 Writing Tips on How to Make Your Papers 300% Better

School midterms are approaching every student really fast. The following six tips will help to improve your writing and make it impressive.

Spell Check is Not as Clever as You are!

Today, we’re lucky to have computers at our service helping us to catch some spelling mistakes. Despite the beneficial point of the software, it doesn’t have enough guarantee that the fixed spelling errors are right. Computers don’t have a mind to think; they can’t see the difference “your” and “you’re”. Always proofread your papers and make sure you don’t have such stupid mistakes!

“It's” Is not “Its”

It is evident that spell check doesn’t see the difference between some phrases or word combinations. Don’t make this error in your papers as long as it’s a fatal mistake in formal writing.

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Use Third Person

While writing a formal paper, it’s usually better to use third person writing. Always avoid such word combinations as “I believe,” “I think,” or “you know.” These phrases are informal and make the writing style weak. If there are any facts you want to share, support them with evidence. The usage of the first person in writing distracts the reader from the topic. The only exception refers to writing a personal reflection paper.

Be As Specific As Possible!

The following two sentences show the difference between descriptions:

  • The corgi liked her new ball.
  • The corgi chased her new ball with relish.

The second example is more informative, descriptive, and interesting than the first one. Use this principle in your writing style, and you will be ahead of most students. If you have difficulties meeting the word count of the paper, it might be because you don’t use enough descriptive words in your sentences. Be specific and nourish your sentences with details.

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Don’t be Afraid to Come to Your School’s Writing Center

The majority of schools have a writing center, a place where you can get help and writing tips from people capable of making your papers awesome. Use this center for your benefits! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s good to have someone look through your assignment with a fresh vision before the submission. Even the most outstanding writers have editors.

Stick to the Point!

Never write just to fill the space in your paper. Start writing with a point in your mind and follow it until you reach the conclusion. Every point should further the previous one and continue the logical flow of information. A stereotypical structure of the assignment used at schools (introduction, main body, conclusion) is the most useful way to teach students to write in an appropriate way. It sets the background information, introduces the topic, sets pieces of evidence or facts, and brings the discussion to a logical conclusion.

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