Definition Essay: What Is Success?

Definition Essay: What Is Success?

Every individual has his own idea about the American Dream. Someone believes that it is a good and well-paid job, someone sees it in a new car; someone wants to gain financial freedom and someone just wants to be able to travel around the world. Most of these people believe that all above-mentioned things are necessary for reaching success, but they do not realize that success has nothing to do with the material things. It is more about improving and training the personal qualities and some other wider concepts.

Every man is inclined to feel hungry, not only physical, but also spiritual. We definitely need to communicate, feel the recognition, respect, and love. It should also be noted that every individual has his own, unique perception of the world. First of all, the individual`s vision of success depends on a vast majority of personal factors. The key to success is quite simple; each man should reach the inner harmony, define the things he expects to receive from life, and find his own place in the world.

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There are many spheres where the individual can gain success - family, work, social life, and many others. However, the first and the most essential measure of success is how happy the person is. Although many people believe that some material resources can make them happy, sooner or later, they will realize that this approach is rather wrong. Only those people, who consider their happiness in the inner harmony and healthy family, can gain genuine happiness. No matter what the way to happiness is, it is closely connected with success since both notions are rather subjective.

As for other significant measures of success, one should mention about health. When the person is healthy, he or she does not even realize how it is great. People cannot be happy or successful when they or their close people are not healthy. It allows concluding that the workers in the medical sphere are particularly important people who can help a certain individual to feel successful.

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What is more, success can mean facing all the challenges with dignity. Nobody can live a life without the challenges and hardships. Only the person who managed to cope with the difficult situations and learn some important lesson from the previous experience can become successful. Thus, it is particularly important for everyone to leave his comfort zone and try his qualities and possibilities. All successful people teach us that success is impossible without failure. It is particularly important not to focus on the problem, but consider it as the useful lesson which would help to achieve success in future.

To make a significant conclusion, there is no a clear definition of what success is. Every person sees different angles in this notion. However, it is clear that the real success is not connected with the material things. It is closely tied to health, happiness, and the human possibility to be ready to cope with the most difficult challenges. Testimonials

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