The Impact of Gender on Writing College Application Essays

The Impact of Gender on Writing College Application Essays

Throughout the ages, gender has played a dominant role in the human life. It is a social construct that society has enhanced by assigning the roles, actions, expectations, and behaviors to men and women and labeling them as "male" or "female." Speaking about the gender difference, we mean not only the formed social roles but also the gender peculiarities of perceiving the information and communicative differences, etc. The gender identity is developed in early childhood and at the same time, children develop gender-role preferences. In this article, we are going to show you how gender influences writing college application essays produced by boys and girls. We are going to demonstrate you the difference between the written application essays of both genders and to show you some useful hints that can help every young fellow to improve his writing skills. So, let’s start!

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    • Girls and boys spend different amount of time on writing
    • Unlike girls, boys usually find it difficult to choose the right topic to write about. Since most boys tend to spend a lot of time playing computer games and hanging out with friends, they have a narrower vocabulary than girls. As a result, they often spend more time on writing application essays than the female writers. In order to write application essays well, we would suggest every boy listening to different audiobooks to expand their vocabulary so that they can express their thoughts on paper easily without any stress and tension.

  • Girls and boys have different attitude regarding the importance of grammatical rules
  • Unlike girls, boys usually tend to break several grammar rules when they start writing an application essay. Moreover, sometimes boys make too many grammar mistakes and this writing approach results in poor quality application essays. In order to write efficient college application essays, boys should follow certain grammar rules and proofread their writing before passing them to a teacher.

Therefore, gender does influence college admission essays quality. Children must know their gender features to use them in writing their best college application essays. Testimonials

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