10 Free Reading Libraries for Your Academic Papers

10 Free Reading Libraries for Your Academic Papers

When submitting academic papers, it is crucial to double-check that you have used only credible academic sources to support your claims and arguments. Actually, there is a wide range of databases and libraries where you can search for peer-reviewed journals, books, articles, etc. However, many of them happen to cost really a lot of money that now every student can afford. The fantastic news is that there is a perfect solution to the problem: there are numerous free websites and libraries where you can extract or read online credible sources needed for your paper. You can find those sources on your own, but in this article, we have decided to share just some free sources where you can get reading resources.

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    • From the very name of the web resource, it can be inferred that you can get books for free. What you have to do is create a personal account on the website and download as many books as you need. In case you are a writer and can share some of your own books with others, you are free to upload your sources.


    • If you’re majoring in IT, Mathematics, Technology, etc., this web resource will be of immense help to you. You will find a wide variety of lectures, articles, books, and manuals in any category of technology.


    • On this site, you can share documents online. In addition to the most widespread book formats, it also supports pdf, doc, and ppt. Here you will mainly come across novels and short stories however, when searching specifically; you might even come across some selection for academic papers writing.


    • Use the search engine to find e-books you need.


    • The content here is free as in other resources gathered in this article. On this web portal, you can get any materials that will be perfectly suitable for writing a paper.


    • The books here are classified according to categories, so it won’t be a trouble to find what you are searching for. Here you can find sources in history, architecture, programming, agriculture, and many other disciplines.


    • This source is available to those who reside on the territory of the USA. Whether you need some resources for studying or research work, you can easily find them here. This is actually a downloadable application with the help of which you can get access to the local US libraries depending on the territory you live in.

 U.S. Library of Congress

    • This digital archive is accessible to anyone. It contains credible resources that will be perfect for any academic paper. You can find numerous books, articles, lectures, documents, manuscripts, and exhibits here.


    • This online library database offers awesome historical texts and scientific materials for your academic papers.

 Online City Libraries

  • Such big cities of the USA as New York City and Chicago have their public libraries that have shared a part of their collections online. Just subscribe and see which sources are available.

Overall, there is no strong need to leave home and spend days on visiting libraries in your hometown or adjacent areas. Use these sources and write a perfect academic paper.

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