Human Activities Influence Natural Disasters

Human Activities Influence Natural Disasters

Three Ways Regarding how Human Activities Make an Impact on Natural Disasters

The death of 61,000 of people has been caused this year by natural disasters. What is more, 60% of victims have been killed by tsunami that happened in the Indian Ocean. According to statistics, the number of reports about natural disasters is increasing because of advancements in communication technology as well as better media reports. Frankly speaking, two thirds of this rise is real. It should be noted that it is a consequence of an increase in such disasters as tsunamis floods, droughts, and typhoons.

Some people still hesitate whether humans really trigger natural disasters or not. It is estimated that human emissions do impact on storm surges and droughts. Believe it or not, it is 100% that natural disasters are influenced by human activities. Human beings also cause occurrence of sudden natural events that result in great damage or the loss of life. Here are a few of the natural disasters that are triggered by humans.

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Lakes that Are Disappearing

Lake Peigneur, located in Louisiana, poured into the ground in November the year 1980. It is proven that the salt mine located beneath the lake was drilled into by a Texaco oil rig. As a result, this oil rig pulled the plug in the lake and the water sank into the mine. Thus, the shafts were filled and the salt was dissolved by the water. In spite of the fact that this incident didn’t have any victims, the ecosystem was really affected. What is more, this impact is permanent. A few more lakes have disappeared due to careless and unreasonable human activities. Moreover, waste pollution contributes to damaging water bodies. Human beings dispose emissions from factories and plants into seas and lakes and make water bodies dirty, unfit for further use.

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It has been stated by geologists that people cannot be the cause of real volcanoes. Nevertheless, we are able to make the ground shake staggeringly. If humans drill oil, for example, tremors are made common. In addition, mining operations can be the main factor that adds up to the frequency of tremors. In fact, the normal stress existing in rocks is redistributed by these activities. Thus, triggering movement appears.


Scientists also resort to cloud seeding, which makes a bad impact on nature and causes flooding. This process is known as weather modification, but the question is whether it can be the result of flooding. In cloud seeding, the clouds are powdered with silver iodide in order to get moisture out of other clouds. In such a way, the water may condense on.

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In the long term, floods can cause such natural disasters as deforestation, urban development (because of it, the water flows into streams when the rain is heavy and a rather high flood peaks appear), and destruction of natural wetlands.

If natural wetlands get destroyed, people face with such natural disaster as devastating floods along the basins of the rivers. The more natural wetlands exist, the lower level of water is going to be during very heavy rains. Testimonials

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