The Ideal Volume of an Essay

The Ideal Volume of an Essay

It is generally accepted that an essay is quite a small text. It should be short enough, but not too brief. Is there any way to understand how many words a good essay should contain? Here is some important information that will help you understand what the size of a proper paper should be.

How Many Words the Essay Should Consist of

A Long Paper Is not Always a Good Paper

On the Internet and in various teaching aids, students can often find information that an average essay should have 2000-2500 words. Is such a volume of the text enough to express one's idea, or vice versa, such work will be too long? Many people think that a large size of work can earn a better mark than a small text. This is not quite true, because the main thing in a good work is not its size, but its content. If you are able to formulate your thoughts clearly and concisely, you will write a good paper even of a small volume.

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A too Short Work Is not Good Either

Shortness and clarity is the key to a successful essay. However, there is one more rule of academic writing. It is necessary to follow the correct structure and to present your ideas gradually. You cannot disclose your main idea immediately. It is important to acquaint readers with the direction of your thinking step by step. It follows that a good essay cannot be too small.

How to Write an Essay of the Correct Size

In order to understand whether you have chosen the correct format of the essay and have explored the topic completely, reread the final version of the text several times. This will help you correct typos and errors made due to inattention. This is also a good opportunity to find out whether your essay is too long or too short. You can also ask your friends to read your paper. Listen to their criticism and correct all the inaccuracies.

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The best way to check whether you have written enough words is to ask your professor to proofread your text. Teachers have vast experience in the field of writing and they know what good essays should be like. If the teacher tells you that your text is too short, correct the body of the text, because this part should be the largest. Do not write new facts in the introduction or conclusions. They should be brief and general. Nevertheless, the body of the text is the essence of all your work, so try to describe all the stages of your work in more detail. If your professor advises you to shorten your essay, remove all secondary facts that do not touch upon the essence of your research.

Remember, the size of your paper does not play the most important role in writing an essay, as the main thing is the content of your work. You should present not just a text, but a logical and consistent work, which reflects your ideas as much as possible.

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