How to Write a Reaction Paper

How to Write a Reaction Paper

The reaction paper of an article should include a thesis analysis of its content, an indication of the degree of novelty of the study, its relevance to current scientific trends. It is also necessary to evaluate the theoretical and applied significance of the study described in the paper. In your essay should be an analysis of compliance with the requirements for the formatting and integrity of the work, reasonable criticism of the shortcomings of the article, an overall assessment of the article, and your recommendations.

In reaction to an empirical scientific article, the quality of the experimental and documentary basis or theoretical modeling, which served as the basis for the conclusions made by the author, should be noted. A banal retelling of the text, the subjectivity of assessments, and the absence of argumentation of the author’s opinion are unacceptable in the reaction paper. Scientific criticism is a special genre that has nothing to do with the artistic style. Therefore the use of specific clichés is not only permissible but also welcomed.

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Even if the work (according to the researcher) is unworthy of attention, judgments should be expressed as correctly and reasonably as possible; it will demonstrate your good knowledge of the topic and the ability to conduct scientific discussion.

Explore the Topic

In order to create a competent analysis, you must be well-versed in the topic presented in the article. You should study a lot of scientific publications. This is a rather long process, but it will allow you to create the scientific basis necessary for writing a reaction paper.

Read the Examples

The best way to understand the features of the critical style is to study examples. Download publications online or visit the library. Pay attention to the composition and formatting of the text.

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Correct the Mistakes

You have the right to write a review on someone's work, only being confident in your literacy. Do not rush while working on the text. Check the draft several times. First, read the paper as a whole, and then check each sentence to correct any inaccuracies. Avoid the use of colloquial language and slang; they are contrary to the scientific style. It is recommended to reread the text the next day after writing it. Scientists have proved that human attentiveness increases after some time, so you may find errors that you have not noticed before.

Avoid Plagiarism

You can use texts from other authors' publications as your arguments. However, they should not form the basis of your work. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the rules of citing. Do not try to retell someone's ideas. Be original; show your own interpretation of the researched text.

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The Reaction Paper Outline

The correct reaction paper should consist of these parts:

  • General information about the article.
  • Relevance of the topic.
  • Assessment of the significance of the study.
  • Shortcomings of the work.

Now you know the basic principles of reaction paper writing. Use these tips and recommendations to create a professional essay. Testimonials

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